“Compassion” is the third in a set of themed pieces on the subject of “Circles Within”. The piece is smooth and elegant suitable for anyone with a modern style in their house or will fit within any garden area. It is made from terracotta clay fired to 1080°c with a deep green moss-like crystal glaze. It was created to express my feelings towards my friends, it's a composite of three hemispheres, one convex and the other two concave. Whilst making the piece I often felt as though the large shpere was cuddling the two smaller spheres, perhaps a mother and two daughters. I'm not sure why daughters in particular, perhaps the hemispherical shapes reminded me of pregnancy and of wombs, thus conferring femininity.

The dimensions of the piece are about 10cm x 10cm x 10cm

This piece is currently available to buy and I would be happy to sell it for £25