The two “Conjoined” pieces here are the fourth and fifth of a set of themed pieces on the subject of “Circles Within”. The pieces are smooth and elegant suitable for anyone with a modern style in their house or will fit within any garden area. It is made from buff clay fired to 1080°c, one with a peacock special effect glaze the other glazed with dark and light blue streaks and the last, a slightly different form glazed with a deep green crystal glaze with a crescent showing the clay through a transparent and slightly crackled finish. They were created to continue my exploration of "Circles Within" with no particular feelings in mind as the form developed, both the two physical three-dimensional points at the top and the two non-physical two-dimensional circles just graze each other at the top of the piece, this form symbolises a duality, but a harmonic one, showing both antagonism (in 3D) and co-operation (in 2D). A hell of a contradictory form.

Both pieces have now been sold.